IB Visual Arts

You will curate an art exhibition that showcases resolved artworks. The selected artworks should show evidence of technical accomplishments during the visual arts course and an understanding of the use of materials, ideas, and practices appropriate to visual communication. The artworks should have a common concept or idea pulling them all together as a cohesive body of artwork. At the exhibition, you will exhibit your final artworks, along with a Curatorial Rationale.

SL: 4-7 artworks

SL: Curatorial Rationale (400 max word count).

HL: 8-11 artworks

​HL: Curatorial Rationale (700 max word count)

The Curatorial Rationale should explore the following:
  • Give an overview of concepts and ideas within the artworks
  • Explain the overall concepts within the artworks by explaining specific artworks
  • Explain how the viewer/audience should relate to the artworks within the gallery space

Example of Artworks List


Title: Hurt
Medium used: Acrylic on Canvas
Size of original (cm): 50 cm x 40 cm
Text/Topic/work focus: I wanted to explore the pain I endured when losing with my mother. I turned inward with this struggle and found that nature helped me to cope with my pain. Nature helped me to be more optimistic about life. Life is a cycle. Just like in nature, the cycle of life is both beautiful and ugly, but it is natural and inevitable.