IB Visual Arts
Comparative Study

The majority of the work for your Comparative Study will be done through your critical analysis papers during your first year of IB Visual Arts. You will begin to shape a comparison presentation in a digital format during the Spring of your first year in IB Visual Arts using 3 of the artworks you have analyzed in your critical analysis papers. During the beginning of your second year in IB Visual Arts, you will begin to finalize your Comparative Study in a digital format.


Create a Google Slides, Powerpoint, Prezi etc. with the following information:
10–15 screens, which examine and compare at least three artworks, at least two of which need to be by different artists. The works selected for comparison and analysis should come from differing cultural contexts. If you have questions about the artworks, see Ms. Church for clarification and guidance.

3–5 screens, which analyze the extent to which your work and practices have been influenced by the art and artists examined (HL Only). Submit a list of sources used!